Spinning in Circles


What goes up must come down

I’m on the fast track

back to the ground

I don’t know if I’m going 

left or right

but I’m holding on to You

with all my might

I’m looking for a sign

to tell me where I’ll find


feels like I’m 

Spinning in circles

turning round and round

spinning in circles

trying to keep my feet

on the ground

I’m spinning in circles

falling down upon my knees

losing control

but I know

You are with me. 

sitting here spinning wheels

Not getting anywhere

Well, that’s how it feels

can’t see the forest through 

the trees

but I’m trusting You to fill me 

with your peace  

and I’m looking for a sign

to tell me where I’ll find


I wrote this song recently. I often feel like I’m spinning in circles and don’t know if I’m coming or going.  But I fully trust that He knows. I may feel off-balance as I spin around, but I know that He won’t let me fall- because He is my center of gravity.  Each time I feel I am losing control – He reminds me HE is in control…and to surrender every thing and every moment to Him.  

All to Jesus.

I surrender.  

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Julie is an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene. She has a passion for leading worship, writing songs, preaching, teaching, and thrift store shopping. Julie has two amazing teenage daughters, two dogs ("fur babies"), and one wonderful hubby :)

18 thoughts on “Spinning in Circles

  1. WOW! Julie Julie Julie!!

    I don’t know if you have heard of Torvill And Dean (UK ice dancers loved by us all – probably). This song, your words, the “everything” had Torvill and Dean in my mind’s eye dancing a beautiful ice dance of hope, confusion, joy, loneliness, hope, confusion – but all threaded in and around the most sweetest love – together! Spinning, swishing, touching, flowing – a thing of great beauty and wonder! Of love!

    WOW! Thank you!! What a wondrous moment in this day. And one I may return to in days to come!


    1. Thanks, Paul… your comments always make me smile 🙂 Yes, I know Torvill and Dean… I love watching ice skating!! I can picture the dance in my head just as you worded it. Thank you again for your kind words. All for Him!


  2. You beautiful, beautiful song bird!! Oh how I love your singing. It fills me up with love. I know you have full faith….and I also sometimes feel like I am spinning in circles…but we both know where to look…we look inside…we look to our deepest soul…our heart….full of love. Blessitude Julie….<3


    1. You are so sweet, Lorrie! It is such a wonderful escape to write poetry, songs, to make music… it is when I do these things that I feel His presence and feel peace. He is always there- no matter where we are , or how fast we are twirling around 🙂 Thank you for your kind words 🙂


  3. All to Jesus I surrender, ALL to HIM I freely give! Awesome post. I get spinning in circles, that feeling of lost traction. He promised to never leave or forsake us and on this promise we get to stand, even when we’re “Spinning in Circles”! Thank you Julie for this beautiful perspective.


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